ARm Candy handbags by Barbara Rhodes. “This is How It All Began”, made over 15 years ago.  As an Interior Designer and a sewist I have always been on the look out for different fabrics and trims everywhere I go.  A favourite shop of mine here in Vancouver brought in all these feather trims, I HAD to have them!  Of course I had to find something to do with them.  A piece of black silk Dupion and a run of black cocque feathers, a few days sewing and “Licorice” was born.  Since then many things have been added to the bags, a different bottom stiffening material,  a fabric company name tag as well as a special name, many different trims, some imported from France, and feet of all sorts adorn my handbags now. I hope you enjoy my designs.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Barbara Rhodes

About the Artist

ARmCandy Handbags has been created by Canadian Interior Designer, Barbara Rhodes. “After a long career in Interior Design where I was always looking at new fabrics, beautiful fabrics from all over the world, I decided to use my talent of sewing, something I’ve done for over 50 years, and my love of fabrics to create these lovely little works of art.” I have accumulated beads and feathers etc. along life’s journey and love incorporating these treasures in my bags. Using “candy” names (referring back to the company name ArmCandy ) giving each bag a number – as other high end manufacturers do, as well as including a “Certificate of Authenticity” with each creation gives the bag a little more personality, charm & distinction. While my bags are sewing masterpieces and they are made for the more elegant moments of our lives, I hope my customers will appreciate my tongue in cheek humour while using them.